Jam Tracks [beta]

“Just play something” • Quick things to jam with, riff over, strum along with, and so forth. Hit play.

Single Chord Jam Tracks

Great if you want to practice scales, triads, arpeggios, or anything else!

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C major: (download):

G major: (download):

D major: (download):

A major: (download):

E major: (download):

#1 - Quicksand Blues (Gmaj7 Cmaj7)

Easy-going ambient electric bedroom strumming over G-Gmaj7 and C-Cmaj7. Has a straightforward rhythm to it that becomes clear pretty immediately. Fizzles out in the last 30 seconds but all good fun! Recorded in the office, HypeMic on the floor 8 feet from the Spark amp. Sound quality isn’t great — but for a first entry to kick this off, it’ll do just fine!

Audio of this strum (download):

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