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Learn essential guitar concepts in step-by-step, guided series of lessons! Dive into any course below to view the individual lessons teaching that subject.

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Blues Starter Kit

A guide to must-know elements of blues guitar! I'll walk you through the essential topics, showing you fun things to play along the way.

6 lessons • 1 hr 18 mins


Reading Music for Guitarists

Learn to read tabs, chord charts, fretboard diagrams, strumming patterns, and more! This course explains how to understand all of these must-know notation styles.

6 lessons • 41 mins


Practical Music Theory

A general overview of must-know theory concepts. The goal here is practical, easy-to-understand explanations — all of which provide clarity to your everyday guitar playing.

12 lessons • 1 hr 50 mins


Beginner Chord Guide

A guide to the must-know chords you'll need when getting started with guitar! The quickest way to learn major chords, minor chords, the chords in each key, and more.

22 lessons • 2 hrs 15 mins


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