How to Get My Instructional PDFs & Song Sheets

Guitar can be complicated to learn! While my free video lessons will get you started in learning songs or techniques, I believe there is immense value in print-friendly diagrams that you can reference alongside my video lessons. I take great pride in creating diagrams to explain the concepts behind strumming patterns, fretboard & chord charts, scales, tablature, and more.

I offer two types of premium printable content:

Instructional PDFs (non-songs)

Approximately half my video lessons teach general guitar techniques: tips, quick riffs & exercises, practical music theory, and more. These are meant to get you up-to-speed with universal concepts used in countless songs. With each of these instructional videos, I make a PDF to accompany the video lesson. Each PDF is print-friendly, and typically between 2 and 5 pages. Here's what they look like (showing the first page only):

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Song sheet music (licensed, for purchase only)

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For my full song video lessons, I create print-friendly sheet music to accompany the tutorial. These song sheets are available for purchase through, who provides licensing for each arrangement. Song Notes members save 50% on each purchase with a discount code available I publish each month. Each sheet music arrangement is print-friendly, and typically between 2 and 5 pages. They're typically priced between $3 and $5 (USD, before membership discount). Here's what they look like (showing the first page only):


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​Note: as of April 2021, song sheets are no longer downloadable directly (to Song Notes members) because of copyright reasons – learn more here. My song sheets are now properly licensed and 100% legal, ensuring the publishers and songwriters are getting their fair share. As part of this arrangement, the only way to get them is via individual purchase.

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