Walk-Ups & Walk-Downs

A very common trope in rock, country, and folk music involves walking bass lines that "connect" one chord to another. I've used this in many of my song lessons, and I'm happy to share this list of related lessons if you'd like to brush up on this technique.

How Do Walk-Ups & Walk-Downs Work?

If you've ever been curious where the notes (used in walking bass lines) come from, this series of videos may help. I answer some audience questions on this topic, and explain (using fretboard maps, and the same example in 4-5 common major keys) to show what all walk-ups and walk-downs have in common.

Exercises to Practice Walk-Ups & Walk-Downs

I have many videos showing how you can put the technique of walking bass lines to fun use!

Songs with Walk-Ups and Walk-Downs

Of the many songs I've taught, here's a few favorites that make heavy use of walking bass lines (usually played between chords).

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