Blank Tabs

Free PDF templates to download, print, and write out your own guitar tabs!

Tabs with Nothing Else

A simple, one-page PDF with truly blank tabs. Print as many copies as you want — or import it into your favorite digital tool (e.g. Notability on the iPad).

Download Free PDF

Tabs with Counting & Rhythm

Six pages of blank tabs with different rhythms pre-written below each row. Includes 4/4 time, 3/4 time, 6/8 time, sixteenth notes, and more.

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How to Write Your Own Tabs

In this video I'll show you a simple guide to writing your own guitar tabs. I'll start off showing how to quickly jot them down on paper, using my blank tab PDF template – including a super handy 4x6 notecard trick. Then I'll show how you can get started writing them on the iPad (using the free app Notability, which I've used happily since 2018). Many of you have asked about this in the past few years - I hope you find the video helpful!

Writing Tabs with Rhythm

Looking for tips on writing tabs which follow pre-written rhythm? This video has you covered! I'll explain why it's (sometimes) helpful to use a template with the timing pre-written, so the numbers you write are spaced out in a way you can follow while you count. You don't need to always use this approach while writing tabs, but in some situations it's helpful. And, my templates save you a bunch of work!

Need Help Reading Music?

Have questions about how to read tabs, chord charts, fretboard maps, strumming patterns and other guitar-specific music notation? Check out my Reading Music for Guitarists course. It breaks down each of these topics, slowly and methodically, giving you everything you need to know. This will help you when following my lessons, as well as tutorials from other online teachers — or printed guitar books you may purchase.