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Premium Membership with PayPal

Interested in joining Song Notes Premium with a one-time payment that doesn't automatically renew? Here's instructions on how to do this, using Paypal.

How It Works

Select a Plan

These buttons will direct you to a PayPal.com so you can complete payment. After paying, I'll be in touch via email (it may take a few hours) with a link to activate your membership.

3 months $29 USD   12 months $79 USD

Video Walkthrough

Curious to see exactly how this works? Here's a video of me demonstrating the process. Note, the membership prices in this video are outdated (this was recorded in 2022, back when I had far less content available to Premium members).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take a few hours (or more) to activate my plan?

Simply because membership program is relatively new and I haven't automated things yet. For now it's easiest to do things manually — which ensures things are done correctly.

This means I'll reply with your activation link as soon as I see your email. This may take a few hours depending on what I'm doing — e.g. if I'm sleeping, away from my computer, busy recording new lessons, etc — there may be a slight delay.

Long term, I absolutely want improve this process so it's automatic and requires no waiting. I'll get there — but to do things well takes time. Until then, I want to offer this option so folks interested in using PayPal can unlock Premium membership — even if a short bit of waiting is required.

For fastest results, payments made during the working hours (Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Central US Time) should be replied to with relatively minimal delay.

Will monthly plans ever be available via PayPal?

Maybe! But for now, to keep things simple, I'm only offering 3-month and 12-month options.

What happens when my plan expires?

You'll continue to get emails about my new lessons each week, and can continue to use this website for free. But you'll need to upgrade to Premium (again) if you wish to regain access to Premium content.

You can repeat the process described above, or join again using credit card.

Does this get me the same benefits as paying with credit card?

Yes, joining with PayPal gets you the exact the same Premium perks you'd receive if you paid with credit card. Similarly, joining for 3 months vs. 12 months makes no difference — you unlock the same goods.

What exactly is included with Premium membership?

See my Join page for a summary of what Premium membership includes.