How to buy my song sheets on Musicnotes

As of May 2021, my “song” sheet music arrangements have been moved off Patreon and are now listed on, who is providing licensing for each arrangement. This licensing is a necessity to avoid future copyright issues. The video below shows the process of making a purchase via Musicnotes.

Want to search my song lessons?

Use the search page on this website, and filter by “full song lesson”. Note, some songs don’t have sheet music arrangements yet. Others are in the process of being moved to Musicnotes, which may take a few more weeks.

Need help with printing?

Please visit my Printing Help page for answers to common questions with printing.

Want to save 50% on Musicnotes purchases?

If you support me on Patreon ($5/month, or via annual plan) you’ll get access to a monthly discount code to save 50% on all Musicnotes purchases. This code is updated on the 1st of each month. View the current code here ».

Why did you remove your song PDFs from Patreon?

This is due to copyright and licensing issues. Here’s a post I wrote giving much more detail on this topic, give it a read if you’re curious.

I just signed up as a Song Notes member, and thought it included song PDFs…

If you just joined Song Notes as a member (on this site, or on and mistakenly thought you’d get free access to all my song PDFs as part of your membership, I will gladly issue a refund (email me and let me know). I am not interested in swindling or misleading anyone, and will happily return your funds if this is the case.

Looking for my non-song PDFs?

These remain available to members of music theory diagrams, warm-up riffs, tips & techniques, etc. Can can view them all here.

Need help with something else? Visit my Help & FAQ page »

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