How do I apply the 50% discount code?

Step 1: Find the Code

First, find the current month’s code. For convenience, you can always always find it on the homepage (provided you are logged in):

Likewise, each song lesson (with a licensed song sheet available) will display the current month’s code directly below the song sheet module.

Step 2: Apply it during Musicnotes checkout

After selecting the item(s) you wish to purchase from, proceed to the checkout screen. That is, the page where you add payment information.

Simply copy & paste the code into the coupon field of the Musicnotes checkout screen, which is located in the lower-right portion of the screen:

Once applied, you’ll see the discount in the checkout box to confirm things worked.

Note, the 50% discount code will only work when buying my song sheets — it doesn’t apply to arrangements made by from other creators.