Summer of '69

by Bryan Adams • Lesson #25 • Jul 12, 2016

Editor’s Notes

This video is a guitar lesson for Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams. It includes chords, tabs, and strumming pattern – with a nice focus on playing the acoustic riff heard in the intro of the MTV Unplugged version of the song.

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  • 0:00 Playthrough & lesson overview
  • 2:50 Chords (basic)
  • 4:08 Chords (D-sus & A-sus variations)
  • 6:10 Strumming Pattern (basic)
  • 7:37 Intro acoustic riff (strummed)
  • 9:36 Intro acoustic Riff (picked)
  • 11:48 Bridge

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Acoustic riff

See my song sheet for the complete tab!

Chords used

Intro, verse, and chorus chords

E ||––––2––––0––––2––––3––––
B ||––––3––––2––––3––––0––––
G ||––––2––––2––––4––––0––––
D ||––––0––––2––––4––––0––––
A ||–––––––––0––––2––––2––––
E ||–––––––––––––––––––3––––
        D    A    Bm   G

D-sus chords

E ||––––2––––––0––––––––3––––
B ||––––3––––––3––––––––3––––
G ||––––2––––––2––––––––2––––
D ||––––0––––––0––––––––0––––
A ||–––––––––––––––––––––––––
E ||–––––––––––––––––––––––––
        D    Dsus2    Dsus4

A-sus chords

E ||––––0––––––0––––––––0––––
B ||––––2––––––0––––––––3––––
G ||––––2––––––2––––––––2––––
D ||––––2––––––2––––––––2––––
A ||––––0––––––0––––––––0––––
E ||–––––––––––––––––––––––––
        A    Asus2    Asus4

Bridge chords

E ||––––1––––6––––8–––––
B ||––––1––––6––––8–––––
G ||––––2––––7––––9–––––
D ||––––3––––8––––10––––
A ||––––3––––8––––10––––
E ||––––1––––6––––8–––––
        F    Bb   C    

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