Request a Song

Feel free to send any Christmas or holiday song requests to [email protected].

Please understand I get a lot of requests. I appreciate your patience and understanding if I’m not able to turn any given submission into a lesson. Quality lessons take time to create, and I’m never sure where my musical inspiration will lead me.

In general, I prioritize making lessons for the songs that are the most commonly requested from various different folks. However, a specific song has been known to grab my ear out of nowhere – so don’t hesitate to send in your favorites.

A few ways to increase the chance of your request turning into a lesson:

  • Be specific about what you need help with - when you submit a song, let me know what kind of lesson you’d ideally like to see! A sing and strum version? A fingerstyle arrangement? A lead guitar version? Let me know - especially if there’s a specific part of the song you’re having trouble with. Full song tutorials take me a long time to make, but answering a specific question is something I’m much more likely to do via a quick lesson.

  • Include YouTube links when relevant - if there’s a specific recording you’re interested in learning, please include the YouTube link. This makes me much more likely to listen sooner – and often it helps give me something specific to react to.