Last Christmas

After many requests, I’m please to bring you all this lesson for Last Christmas by Wham. I’ll teach the basic chords, explain some strumming pattern options, and show a few ways to spice things up with some simple chord voicing modifications. I hope that you’ll be able to pick this one up quickly and run with it. Best of luck!

Licensed Song Sheet 4 pages

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Vocal Melody Note Guide

Here’s a separate video where I tackle the vocal melody notes in this song, tabs included. These tabs are included in my 4-page song sheet, which is available for purchase below.

Want to play this song using different chords?

I made a follow-up lesson featuring this song, where I show how you can use a capo to play this in 4 different keys. This can be incredibly helpful if you want to avoid barre chords, or otherwise prefer to embrace different chord voicings. Check out my lesson page for additional notes, which includes a link to the 3-page PDF cheat sheet walking through this capo & chord landscape.