Blank Guitar Tab Template

Lesson #345 • Jan 9, 2021

Hey friends! A few of you have requested blank tab PDFs for you to download and print – and I’m happy to finally deliver the goods. What I have here is a 7-page PDF, each page featuring a common template for you to print and write up your tabs. Here’s the specific templates available within this PDF:

Download the Free PDF

What’s in the PDF

This PDF is 7 pages total. When you look it over, you may notice that certain pages seem way more useful to you than others. For example, page 2 is probably the most versatile… but other times, you may want the timing included in a specific way. When you find a page you like, I suggest printing many copies of that specific page – just so you have them handy. Keep it close to your guitar, so they’re nearby when you need to jot something down. Enjoy!

  • Page 1: Table of contents
  • Page 2: Blank tabs, no time signature (full page)
  • Page 3: Blank tabs, no time signature (half page)
  • Page 4: Blank tabs in 4/4 time, with 8th notes
  • Page 5: Blank tabs in 4/4 time, with 16th notes
  • Page 6: Blank tabs in 3/4 time
  • Page 7: Blank tabs in 6/8 time

Check out my updated video on this topic!

View my full notes for this video - it includes an additional PDF download not shown on this page.

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