How to play B-minor chord (Bm)

Lesson #59 • Apr 21, 2017

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How to play B-minor chord on guitar

In this quick practice tip, I’ll show you how to play the dreaded B minor chord. B minor is one of the first barre chords you’ll run into – which can be difficult to learn. I’ll walk you through it step by step, showing you how to play it with and without barring your index finger. This is a fantastic “first” barre chord to learn, as it is far easier than playing F. Best of all, learning B minor will help you build the finger muscles you’ll need to finally learn F too :)

Here’s the quick diagram, with finger positions noted. See my video for more detail!

E –––2–––  <-- left index finger (barred)
B –––3–––  <-- left middle finger
G –––4–––  <-- left pinky finger
D –––4–––  <-- left ring finger
A –––2–––  <-- left index finger (barred)
E –––––––

Note about a minor mistake…

NOTE: From 1:25 to 2:23, I forgot to update the chord graphic I have on the screen. This is the part where I talk about putting your index finger down to barre the 2nd fret. If you’re viewing on a large screen (desktop or laptop), you’ll see the YouTube annotations I added to semi-correct this. On mobile, though, you won’t see this – so just be aware. I do show the proper chart at the beginning and end of the video (x24432).

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