How to download instructional PDFs from Patreon

1. Find the Patreon Post You’re Interested In…

First you’ll need to find the Patreon post that has the PDF you’re after. You can search all my Patreon posts here, or likewise click the link in any new-lesson email I’ve sent via Patreon.

When you open a Patreon post, you’ll need to be logged in (otherwise you’ll see a “Join Now” prompt). Using this example Patreon post, heres what you’ll see once you’re logged in & the page is loaded:

2. Scroll Down & Look for the Attachment Link…

It’s at the bottom of the post’s body, but above the comment section. It’ll appear like a text link, with a small paperclip icon next to it.

3. Click to Download, and You’re Done!

Once you find the link at the bottom of the post, click on it.

Depending on your browser, this will either automatically download it to your operating system or show it full-screen in your browser window (this all depends on your browser and its settings). If clicking the attachment link shows you the PDF full screen, you may to take an extra step to manually save the file (e.g. right click → “Save as…”, etc).

That’s it! You’re free to print my Patreon PDFs as many times as you want, and of course I recommend you save the file somewhere you’ll be able to reference later. But of course, you can re-download things as many times as you want, so long as you’re an active member of my Patreon page.