How to transfer membership from Patreon to

In case you missed my announcement, I’ve recently added membership directly to this website — which provides a much improved experience for accessing all my premium content. While I will continue to post to Patreon (for existing members), I’m encouraging all patrons to transfer their membership to this website.

Step #1: Setup Free Trial (optional)

Each month, I’m giving all current Patreon supporters access to a free trial of this site (no credit card or payment required). My hopes are this will let you try things out, get used to things, etc before switching over.

To view the free trial invite link for July 2024, view this Patreon post (requires Patreon login)

Step #2: Cancel Patreon Membership

When you’re ready to join this website, you’ll want to cancel your current Patreon pledge so you’re not charged anymore. To quickest way to cancel is to visit and click “Edit” then “Cancel”

If you need a video walkthrough showing this step-by-step, view this guide I made.

Step #3: Join a Paid Plan on This Site

The last step is to join a paid plan on this website — which you can do by clicking here.

Partial Refund for Annual Patreon Members?

If you’re on an annual Patreon plan, I can gladly refund the remainder of your pledge. For example, if you joined my Patreon page 3 months ago, I’ll gladly refund the remaining 9 months. If you’re on a monthly Patreon plan, I can also refund your latest monthly pledge at your request.

To request a Patreon refund (monthly or annual), email me — and make sure you include the email address you use on Patreon.

How much does membership on this new site cost?

For the launch of this site, I’m offering a reduced price to all new members — either $10/month or $79/year.

Compared to many of my peers in the online guitar space (charging $12-20 per month, if not more) — I consider this a true bargain for all the value you receive from my 4+ years of premium content. Joining at these prices locks you in if & when I eventually increase prices.

What if I’m in the “Founder” tier on Patreon?

When I launched my Patreon page in 2018, I charged just $3/month. Even though I increased prices for new members to $5/month in mid-2021 (and to $10/month in March 2023), I kept all “founding” members on Patreon at the $3/month level — where they remain to this day. As I’ve added more and more content over the years (hundreds of video lesson & PDFs) — this $3 rate has become more and more of a bargain.

It’s always been a goal of mine to keep the membership price as affordable as possible, so these lessons can reach the largest audience. But, I also need to be fair to myself as an educator and business operator — and make sure my growing library of content is not woefully undervalued.

If you’re a founding member — please consider, if you can, joining at the $10/month level. This new site offers more than my Patreon page - it’s not a 1:1 replacement. Likewise, that money supports me directly and helps make these lessons possible. If you’re a founding member of Patreon page and can’t simply can’t swing the $10/month cost, email me and I can offer a discount code. Thanks!