How to search all my lessons on Patreon?

Best way to search my Patreon posts:

  • If you’re looking for a post that has members-only content (e.g. a PDF download), use to search all my Patreon posts there. Click on the post you’re looking for, and the PDF will be attached to the bottom.

Other things that may help:

  • You can also view this list of all my Patreon posts (on this website), each of which links out to its corresponding post — which may be helpful. For example, if you know the specific lesson number you’re looking for – this page works great.
  • If you want to browse all my lessons, use the website you’re reading now ( it has a much faster & easier-to-use search experience. You don’t need to be a member (or logged in) to search my library of lessons.

Note, I encourage all Patreon supporters to transfer their membership to this website, — which has membership built-in and provides a much better member experience. Click this link to learn more »