Song Notes & Patreon

For those of you who still support me on Patreon, here's a quick resource guide to accessing your membership perks! A few things have changed since I launched membership on this website in late September 2022 — and I want to make sure you have answers to any questions you might have.

For the best ongoing member experience, transfer membership to this website – here's a guide showing how.

50% Discount for Song Sheets

Members of Song Notes get access to a 50% discount code for use when buying my song sheets. Patreon members can find the code via the link below (requires Patreon login).

The quick summary!

  • I've finally added Song Notes membership directly to this website, making it far easier for members to manage their account, access premium content, etc. If you like my guitar lessons, I think you'll love this new setup!
  • If you're a current Patreon supporter, no action is required. I'll continue to post to Patreon as I have.
  • But — for existing Patreon supporters — I strongly encourage you to transfer your membership to this site — here's how. It will make it so much easier to access my premium content.

A more detailed explanation...

I launched my Patreon page in August 2018. At the time, it was the only way I offered membership for Song Notes. For just a few bucks a month, members got access to premium content which I'd post direclty to Patreon – members could simply login to Patreon and access the goods.

In mid-2022, it became clear to me that my growing library of lessons was increasingly difficult to manage using Patreon – both for myself, and also for paying members. I knew I wanted to keep membership, but wanted to explore other solutions. I decided to add membership directly to my website, so users could sign up, log in, manage their account, and access all premium content in a single place.

In late September 2022, I launched this new site – using the address, which I'd long-planned on switching over to at some point anyhow. This new website looks similar to, but importantly — membership functionality is added. When it was finally ready to launch, I "flipped the switch" so all traffic would direct to this new site.

For new members, I'd encourage them to sign up directly on — taking Patreon out of the loop entirely. But what about existing Patreon suporters? That's what brings us to this page! Read on.

Will you continue to post to Patreon?

Yes. I will continue to post to Patreon, so existing members receive the Premium content they signed up for (Instructional PDFs, jam tracks, 50% discount code for song sheets, etc).

However, a few quick notes on this topic:

  • As I continue to expand my membership offering going forward, some content might not be posted on Patreon. This is due to limitations of Patreon's platform. Examples include things like members-only video lessons and Courses (the latter I plan to start adding in late 2022). While some details need to be worked out, there's a good chance these will require membership on to access.
  • Some items involving navigation & wayfinding may change. For example, on this new site my lesson pages won't "link out" to Patreon in the same way they used to (for downloading PDFs, specifically). I'll make sure Patreon supporters know how to find Premium content when it exists, but it may likely require different steps than before.

How is membership on different?

In general terms, it's very similar to Patreon — but altogether a much more seamless, easier-to-use experience.

Users can browse this website whether they're logged in or not, quickly accessing all my free content. Because I control the design and functionality of this site 100%, I'm able to deliver a finely tailored experience. For example, searching this website is far faster than searching my Patreon posts.

Members will be able to log in on this site direclty. Whenever there is premium content (an instrutional PDF, jam track, members-only video, etc) — it'll be accessible directly on the page you're viewing. No more bouncing over to other sites.

Is anything changing with your song sheets?

Nothing is changing with my licensed song sheets. They'll remain purchasable from

However, it is much easier for members to find the discount code – whenever you're logged in, the code will be listed on every song page on this site.

Can I continue to support you on Patreon?

Yes! If you're a Patreon power-user and prefer to support my efforts there, you can absolutely to keep your membership active.

Can I transfer membership to this website?

Yes — here's a guide showing how.

In summary, you'll need to cancel your Patreon account and then sign up on this site.

If you signed up for my Patreon page under an annual pledge, I will 100% refund the remainder of your pledge at your request. This way, you can recoup that money and then sign up here at To do this, email me at [email protected] with the email address you're using at Patreon, and I can take care of the rest.