Capo Captain

Calculate key & chord combinations, for any capo location! Perfect for seeing which capo position + chord families will let you play along with any given song. Likewise, helpful to learn the true key of any capo'd song.

If someone is playing:

You can play along using:

Need help with your chords?

If the idea of "chords in each key" is new to you, I have some existing lessons to help out! These are from my Beginner Chord Guide course. They includes video explanations as well as print-friendly PDF guides.

Need a hand with music theory?

If you're curious how the chords in each key are determined, I explain this in my Practical Music Theory course. Specifically, these lessons:

How do capos work?

Capos are a handy tool for guitarists. By applying a capo to any fret, it shortens all the strings — which increases the pitch for everything you play. This lets you get a new sound from familiar chords, which can be handy for various reasons. Here's a few capo videos I've made:

What about minor keys?

I'll add them eventually! For now, I suggest relying on the relative minor of each major key — since the chords are the same. For example, A minor is the relative minor of C major. The notes in each of those keys are the same as our the chords. Here's a handy table for your reference:

More to come soon!

This tool is under construction, with more updates coming shortly. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback.